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Be sure to check out our book list for beginning, intermediate and advanced children and teens.  We have provided on the site for you to conveniently purchase books at the best prices on the net. As an added convenience, we are working to directly link all of the books mentioned on the site to  We ask that you make your book purchases through the All Family Resource's links to as this goes to help support us to bring you more free resources.
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ntassoc2.gif (2612 bytes) is a wonderful source for classic dolls, dollhouses, blocks, crafts, puzzles and other toys for all ages.  Their toys are crafted the good old-fashioned way with lots of loving care, skill and top quality materials. You will find that the majority of their products are made completely of wood and other natural fibers.  They are a wonderful resource when considering a purchase for your child's next birthday, collection or holiday.  Currently this company is on leave for personal reasons. We hope they will be back online soon!
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Lowest magazine prices on the Web

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These magazine offers are the lowest price available on the Internet. Try any magazine — FREE!  If you're not 100% satisfied, contact within 90 days and owe nothing.  After 90 days, you can still cancel for a full refund.

*The tracking provider for this site tends to process very slowly.  When you click on a link it may take a minute or two.  However, it is well worth the wait.   Once you click to these magazines, you can easily return to All Family Resources using the link on the left.

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MSN Encarta - Encarta Online encyclopedia specializes in connecting information-seekers with relevant, high-quality knowledge. Whether it's a school report or simply a personal interest to be explored, Encarta opens the door to comprehensive information.
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Find the ideal job by searching free at  HeadHunter.Net.  It is now available for free searches to over 260,000 job listings.  They claim that there listings are never more than 45 days old.  You can also post your résumé free or upgrade it to appear at the top of a search.
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Thank you for supporting All Family Resources in it's efforts to provide free information and resources to enrich the lives of families.  All Family Resources donates to percentage of all profits to international efforts that support families.

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