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lilpiggy.gif (1240 bytes)A merger of two schools which had been serving the community since 1972, Papermill Creek Children’s Corner is now settled in a wonderful new facility next to the Dance Palace Community Center in Point Reyes. We offer the only full-time, licensed childcare / preschool program in Coastal Marin. Our clientele are low-income working families, Hispanics, and the community at large, and we are dedicated to maintaining reliable, affordable, loving care for all of them.

lilpiggy.gif (1240 bytes)Professional teachers and parent involvement in co-oping, fundraising, and operations has enabled us to retain our family character while providing a superior program. Our purpose is:

  • To improve the quality of family life,

  • To enhance each child’s growth and development.

  • To support the parent / child relationship

  • To promote the well-being of our community

lilpiggy.gif (1240 bytes)Studies show that early childhood educational experience helps prevent later social problems, providing the basis for success inadulthood. Our school not only offers the means for development of social, motor, and rediness skills but also performs other essential functions:

  • we have reached out to incorporate the growing Latino population of West Marin through scholarships and through weekly visits by children in the home-based Head Start program

  • our sliding scale and scholarships enable low-income families to attend

  • we provide referrals to health and social services

  • we provide a wide range of parent support services and have an active Parent Services Project whose aim is to raise parents’ sense of importance, diminish isolation, increse parenting skills, encourage leadership, and help families secure the resources necessary for well-being.

  • We are available for "at-risk" children whose families, regardless of income, may be undergoing stresses of divorce, alcoholism, etc.

  • we provide a separate program component for two-year-olds who need more care than regular preschoolers

  • as more mothers enter the workforce, we offer loving care for their children that reassures parents, reduces family stress, and helps to compensate for the dislocation of traditional child-rearing practices in recent times.

lilpiggy.gif (1240 bytes)Expanded collaborative relationships have enhanced our ability to serve at-risk and Spanish-speaking families and to offer more parent support opportunities. Access to services is difficult in this rural area, and we work closely with other agencies to meed a broad range of needs. With Shoreline Unified School District and 14 other agencies we have formed the West Marin Healthy Start Collaborative to help all children lead healthy and fulfulling lives.

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