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Here are some great books for Halloween costume ideas. Look for these books at your local library or used book store or you can click on the links provided here and purchase them at a discount from If you are looking for classic horror stories for Halloween check out our free e-books here! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Halloween Costumes (Singer Sewing Reference Library)
Great step-by-step instructions and detailed color photos. Construction comes in three basic styles: tabards, gowns, and full-suit costumes. Detailed directions on making various types of headwear, capes, collars, skirts, wings, leggings, and shoe covers. The costume ideas: pumpkin, spaceman, lion, king and queen, can be adapted to costume designs of your own making. -- appx. $16.00
Halloween Fun for Everyone
by Ferida Wolff, Dolores Kozielski (Contributor), Judy Lanfredi (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 9-12 Paperback - 80 pages -- appx. $7.00
Easy Costumes You Don't Have to Sew
by Goldie T. Chernoff -- appx. $14.00
Child's Play : Quick and Easy Costumes
by Leslie Hamilton
Paperback - 168 pages
rovides easy-to-read, simple instructions for a variety of safe costumes, from ninja warriors to superheroes, that are fun to make and do not require the skills of experienced seamstresses. 15,000 first printing. --THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. Look for it in the library or used book stores.
Elegantly Frugal Costumes! : The Poor Man's Do-It-Yourself Costume Maker's Guide
by Shirley Dearing
This wonderfully practical book literally shows you how to make costumes for plays, pageants and musicals at the lowest possible expense! Over 150 detailed illustrations work with the easy-to-follow text to walk you through every step of the process. Just about every basic period is covered: Biblical to Medieval, Renaissance, Angels, The Fabulous Fifties, 1800s to World War I, the Roaring Twenties and more. Many helpful hints on making or buying realistic period theatrical costumes on a shoestring budget from cast-offs, donations, scraps, and other easily-obtained materials. Also included are special effects costumes, helpful hints for getting into and out of costumes, and a glossary of costuming terms. A book that will pay for itself with its first use. -- appx. $12.00
Snazaroo Zoo : Great Faces and Easy Costumes to Bring Out the Animal in You
by Janis Bullis
Paperback - 96 pages -- appx. $12.00
Fabulous Fun Costumes
by Juliet Moxley
Hardcover - 64 pages

-- appx. $15.00

The Fantastic Costume Book : 40 Complete Patterns to Amaze and Amuse
by Michelle Lipson
Hardcover - 128 pages
A treasury of patterns, instructions, and ideas, this ingenious book is as varied as the children's own fantasies. Featuring costumes ranging from a Cockroach to the Gingerbread Man's Revenge to storybook characters like Merlin the Magician and the Dragonslayer, the book also includes safety information, a materials resource, and "recipes" for nontoxic makeup. Fully illustrated. -- appx. $25.00
Nifty, Thrifty, No-Sew Costumes and Props
by Carol Ann Bloom
Paperback - 208 pages (October 1997) Start with a simple, comfortable felt tunic. Add accessories and props made from materials found around the house. Presto! You've created an imaginative costume without picking up needle and thread. You can easily create a full wardrobe of interchangeable costumes. With this book it's quick . . . it's easy . . . it's fun . . . and kids will love it! -- appx. $12.00

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